At St. John one of our Core Values is to PREACH THE GOSPEL by proclaiming God’s Word in its purity, stressing its application to life in the world today. We strive to do this by teaching our children the importance of knowing, loving, and living out their faith in Christ Jesus.


Sunday School meets September thru May, from 9:15 – 10:15 with the following ages: 
· Pre-school class, for ages 2-4
· Kindergarten – 5th grade
· Middle school
· High school
We begin our Sunday morning with our opening worship led by our Music Director, Jane Bowie and our youth band. After singing, praying and Bible reading, the children will then gather in their respective groups for that day’s lesson. We learn and talk about Bible stories and how they apply to our life today. Our middle and high school students discuss the ups and downs of being an adolescent in today’s world and how God fits in. We hope you will join us and grow with us in faith.